Friday, January 29, 2010

Mrs. B vs. The Mugger

This is a little song we put together in honor of my mom, Mrs. B, who had a run-in with a mugger yesterday in Puerto Rico. He got her bracelet and pushed her down, but she put up an admirable fight, and was able to do some damage of her own. So the PS22 Chorus of 2010 pays homage to Mrs. Muhammad Al-B. :)


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I am sure this video has made her feel better...I bet her heart was in her throat! omg... Hope she scared the u-know-what out of that blankety-blank....Your kids have a great sense of humor and heart!.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chorus and Mr. B.,
Thanks so much for writing and singing a song for me. It was the best medicine I could have asked for having had a most upsetting experience. You're not only the world's best chorus, but also the kindest, nicest, most thoughtful human beings which to me is even more important than being the great performers that you are. I really needed a good laugh which you guys gave me.

A special thank you to your fans for their kind words and support.

Mrs. B

Anonymous said...

mrs.b i really hope you feel better and everybody else does too and by the way nice fight you put on and im sure you scared him right out of his pants and i felt terrible about what happend any way feel better

Anonymous said...

Hi to the Chorus and Mr B from across the pond in London, England.
What a wonderful way to make Mrs B feel better. From what we hear, you are amazing young people. We wish all good things for you and that you continue to make wonderful sounds with your voices.
Rita and Brian

Unknown said...

How completely sweet, and funny! It's fantastic how you end up with such a great group of kids every year-you and the children are blessed for life! Hope your Mom is well~Thanks for sharing your kids with all of us!!!

Jimena said...

I live in Cambridge Massachusetts and so wish there was a music teacher like you near me!! you do great work, I just watched the you tube video of the Bjork song and made me cry!! Thank you. those kids are so lucky to have you.

Panzilla said...

I am sure this really brightened her day!