Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tomorrow on THE TODAY SHOW!

The PS 22 Chorus will be making their final national television appearance of the year tomorrow morning on NBC's The Today show. They will be airing a prerecorded version of the kids' version of “O Holy Night”, a song originally requested by my dad, and the chorus gave another absolutely stunning performance. The segment is supposed to be on sometime during the 9 o’clock hour but to be safe you might want to record (or watch) the whole thing.

Here’s a version from the holiday concert the kids put on last week (full post about that coming soon) while you wait. Enjoy!

UPDATE 12/25: I know many were disappointed not to see the kids on this morning's broadcast. According to one of the producers, as The Today Show is broadcast nationally, some stations went to local news/weather during the chorus segment. Unfortunately, this was the case here in the tri-state area. That's show biz I guess! The producer was kind enough to offer to send a DVD of the segment. I'm hoping NBC will allow us to post it for all of us who didn't get to see it air.

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Zen said...

They skipped the chorus segment for the weather forecast?!
If there's any justice, it'll be clouded and frosty with heavy rainfall. ;-)