Thursday, September 03, 2009


Lately, the PS22 Chorus kids truly have been getting a taste of fame!! And now, VH1's Save The Music Foundation has teamed up with MGM Sudios and the cast of the new movie, FAME, to donate a $30,000 keyboard lab to PS22!! And as if that news weren't amazing enough, several cast members will be coming to visit PS22 to make a presentation to the school, with a little help from the upcoming PS22 Chorus of 2010! You can be sure they'll be more to follow on this amazing story! A heartfelt thanks to VH1, MGM, the cast of FAME, Dr. Jim Frankel of Soundtree (education division of Korg), and of course the PS22 Chorus for their respective parts in making this incredible thing happen.

You can read the press release below:



What: On September 14th, MGM Studios and members of the cast of the new movie “FAME” will present VH1 Save The Music Foundation school PS 22 with a $30,000 donation to restore the school’s instrumental music education program. The presentation will feature a special performance by the PS 22 choir, led by select cast members from “FAME,” in theaters September 25th.

The choir at PS 22 shot to fame with their incredible rendition of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida,” earning them the nickname “The Singing School.”

Who: Members from the cast of “FAME”, including Asher Book, Naturi Naughton, Kherington Payne, Anna Maria Perez De Tagle and director Kevin Tancharoen; VH1 Save the Music Foundation executives, and the students.

Where: P.S. 22 Graniteville

When: September 14, 2009 at 11:00 AM

**Media Coverage Invited**


Suz said...

And so it begins! It could not be happening to a more deserving group ;)

mrs.adrienneK said...

i just saw your bjork video on you tube i am in love you guys rock!!!!!!!
keep it up!!!
adrienne K

Jillian said...

I love the boy with the blue tongue!

Anonymous said...

heyyy wud uupp omg i cant believe how goood they sound there absolutly amazing

keep rockin,

Mr. B said...

Thanks Meenie! SO great to hear from you always! :)

Anonymous said...

yall iss Oh.dee quud...!rhianna alex chunqq mtv mike woods now a moviie..!?luckkiie...!wish dhat happened 2 us we were quud 2 ii think lOl iitee quud lukk chOrus Of 2010&tell emm ii sed spittahh lOl
ashley blas**:P

Mr. B said...

thanks ashley!! aww, you guys had some pretty amazing moments too now, don't forget!! AND you opened up the way for all the opportunities for the groups that followed yours!

hope you had a good first day of school today!! MISS YOU!! :)