Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Women In History

Last night, the chorus sang for the annual WOMEN IN HISTORY, WOMEN INVOLVED Ceremony, sponsored this year by newly-elected NYC Councilman Kenneth Mitchell. The children sang 3 songs to help celebrate the occasion; "Everybody's Changing" by Keane, "Language" by Suzanne Vega, and "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. The audience was enchanted as the kids performed with their patented enthusiasm and gorgeous harmonies. You can read the article about the event from today's Staten Island Advance by clicking here or on the image below.

Congratulations to the chorus on yet another great write-up! Below are a few more pics from last night's ceremony. Just click to enlarge.

Allie gives a riveting rendition of our national anthem

Tashee & Baaba sing a beautiful duet on "Language"

April leads the chorus on "Viva La Vida"


Anonymous said...

hey mr.b i have 2 say that this time ms.jonhson took sum really really nice pix !!!!!


Mr. B said...

yeah, as much as i hate to give mrs. johnson credit for anything, i have to agree, april!


Anonymous said...

well almost a first!LOL!enjoy<<


Anonymous said...

and thanx ms. lisa and ms.johnson for coming!!!!

Anonymous said...

WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO POST SOME NEW VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!! besides that i think the chorus is amazing. every time i hear them sing, i think they just get better and better every time

Mr. B said...

BAHIRA -- lol! you'll have to be quicker next time. and i'm sure they will read and very much appreciate your thank you message! :)

AMBUH -- i'll get on it right away. sheezz. some ambuhs are so demanding these days! ;) yeah, this group is definitely following in the footsteps of your legacy. you should be proud, and i know you are. miss you lots! :)

Kid_Stevie said...

Hi PS22 Chorus..

one word:.. WOW!!
I cant stop listening to your Viva La Vida version.. its AWESOME!!
I hope to see more videos like that!

Is there any chance for an mp3 version of Viva La Vida? Of course, I can rip the audio from the video on youtube.. but i like to have it in a better quality..
I dont know if you record the music besides a video?

But otherwise, could you maybe rip the audio from the original video, not the uploaded one?

Anyway, thank you for the music ;) and Im looking out to hear some more videos.. God bless you all.


Mr. B said...

Hi Stefan,

Thanks so much! I will do my best to get a good quality MP3 up as soon as possible! (may take a few weeks, but it WILL happen.) :)

Anonymous said...

U guys rock...keep it up...i'm spreading the word

from Canada :)

Anonymous said...

WOW- what a nice letter
i think we did a pretty good job on monday- and it was fun!!!

Mr. B said...

CANADA: Thank you so much for spreading the word and for the compliment! :)

ALLIE: Nice letter indeed! And many more like it.... See what an impact you guys are having all over the world??? You're amazing! :)

moona said...

i love the new pic at the fist page when you fist get on


Mr. B said...

yeah it was time to get YOU guys up there..... and of course the little girl in front looks adorable. ;)

Anonymous said...

yea mr.b i also agree wit moona 2 !!!! !!!!


moona said...

who's that =] oh yea its me

Anonymous said...

wow lol thats funni !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I've spent the last hour watching your videos on YouTube and they just astound me. The kids are amazing! They have so much talent and passion, it's simply inspiring. I just keep wishing we had a program like this when I was in school. Keep up the good work, the kids are lucky to have a teacher like you.
-Eman from Doha

Photography by Lara said...

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I linked to you on my blog. And do you know where I got it? From Ashton Kutcher! He twittered about you guys!!! You're famous now! :) You all are AMAZING, from Mr. B to each and every child. I loved watching your movements and I could see the love with which you all sang....you're seriously phenomenal!

Mr. B said...

APRIL -- yeah, i love to hassle mrs. johnson. it's my favorite pastime. :)

EMAN -- thank so much!!

LARA -- that's awesome about ashton kutcher!!! i had seen it but i appreciate your bringing it to my attention, because a lot of times i do miss things that are happening. thanks for all the kind words!!

Anonymous said...

You guys absolutely blow my socks off. you are an inspiration to us all in these dark and gloomy days. I showed viva la vida to my kids this morning before they went to school and they now want to be in a band (they are 6, 5 and 1 by the way). You should be so proud of yourselves and what you are achieving. We're going to spread the word here in Ireland. xx

Mr. B said...

thanks for that awesome comment! and tell your kids i said good luck with the band! :)

Kevin said...

Hello from France!

I heard about the Chorus in Coldplay's newsletter a little while ago. I loved the version of Viva La Vida. I watched the other videos and I liked the kids' version of Bjork as well.

Allie is so cute, I loved her face in the a capella version of Viva La Vida, she made me laugh, hehe. April is cute and very talented too. All the kids from the Chorus are cute and talented.

Keep up the good work!

Take care,

Mr. B said...

thanks kevin! glad you're enjoying all the talent ps22 has to offer.