Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1.5 Million PS22 CHORUS Videos Views!

Amazing! Simply amazing! Keep singing chorus, the world is listening.


Anonymous said...

#1 person 2 comment, anyway mr.b nice pic wit joel & baaba.came out really nice ,well and good, and im happy 4 them 2222 !!!!!!!and yes i have seen their faces very, very often. cant believe dat they tried on shirts witout me ,juss kiddin.!!!(p.s. this is april.p by the way and so was the other 1 2 .)

Anonymous said...

hey its me baabalicious,I love this picture of me and joel.Next time put a picture of April too.(p.s. richard is so gonna bet u at the low note competetion!)

Mr. B said...

i think april's got her share of pics up already too.... i don't think she'll be complaining. but yes, this is a great pic of you and joel. :)