Thursday, July 24, 2008

A 'Glimpse Of Heaven' (To 'Coin' a Phrase)

Here are a few new amazing videos of former chorus member of 2006-7 JUSTIN! These are improvs, songs he made up as they were being recorded! If you scroll down, on the sidebar you will see many MP3s available of Justin's incredible improvs. Ashley sent me clips of Justin Beiber and he was great, but I maintain that OUR Justin is supreme!

The first is a song we call "Glimpse Of Heaven". I just finished working on the video and am proud to share it! When I originally recorded Justin on this, it was upsetting that his vocals came out so good, but the piano wasn't recorded properly. So I found a great Future House dance song called "Silence" by Acorn Arts and mixed in Justin's vocals (and a little of my own from the same recording). For the video, I included clips from an old Joan Fontaine movie called, "The Constant Nymph", Justin singing for Academy Award-winner Marcia Gay Harden, AND footage from our 2008 PS22 Chorus 'VENUS' Dance Off! You can see Brandon, Samantha, Courtney, Kareem, Aminah, Davoya, Ashley, Isaiah, Chris, Fergie, etc. doing their thing in high speed to the music! I think it's a great song AND a great video!

The next is one of my all-time favorite Justin improvs called, A Lost Feeling. Hard to believe he made up the words and melody as you hear it here, but that's how it is folks!

This one is called "Hold On Tonight." Check out that high note at the end!

The last song is called "California" and is another one of his best.

MUCH more Justin mp3s and videos can be found on the blog!
Happy hunting! :)

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