Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Neil says hi by the way"

The kids of the chorus got an immediate acknowledgement from Neil Finn of Crowded House for their words and song of thanks. Neil's reply was both amusing and emotional in kind. What a class act!

Neil writes:

"What a wonderful treat to get home and watch you all singing Don't Dream Its Over, reminded me of how special the night we shared in New York really was and what great music and spirit you all put out...., makes the world seem like a better place!

Appreciate the personal thank yous and hope the "brothers" are getting used to the T Shirt now, I think Nicks brain is a little twisted actually but he means well!

I'm sure there will be another chance to sing with your choir Gregg but I know they will all be different next year so for now we send all our hopes and best wishes to the fabulous kids of the PS 22 choir for a great summer holiday and a bright future!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.B!!! We havent spoken in a while. How is everything doing over there in S.I? The american idol looked pretty cool from the videos I was watching. Friday the 13th was our last day of school. Now we are moving to the middle school going to 7th grade. Maybe we can visit soon. Well, I hope all is good, tell everyone we said HI!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.B!!! Just wanted to say HI!!! I hope all is well.

Mr. B said...

hello to my favorite twinnsies!! :) sorry i somehow missed your first comment, school has been so busy with end of the year stuff, i guess that's how it slipped by me. SO happy to hear from you guys, i miss you!! glad you enjoyed the AI3 videos, it was a fun show! and marissa, i hope you saw the video of you singing in mini-chorus on the website! i can't believe you guys are going into 7th grade! that's crazy -- time really flies! tell your family i say hello, and i definitely will be hoping for a visit from my favorite twinnsies soon!!!