Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We're Brothers Forever....REMIX!!!

Recently, an unbelievable musician by the name of Barry Leitch contacted me, interested in recording a remix of Renaldo Lapuz and The PS22 Chorus singing "We're Brothers Forever", the soon-to-be hit song from this season's American Idol!! All together, the remixes we produced for Renaldo's song have scored over 30,000 hits!

The chorus got to see and hear the remix for the first time today, and needless to say, EVERYONE was blown away!! So here are the long awaited mp3s of Renaldo Lapuz's original song:

Renaldo Lapuz & PS22 Chorus "We're Brothers Forever" EPIC remix
(Music & Remix by Barry Leitch)

"We're Brothers Forever" CHORUS remix
(Music by Barry Leitch, Vocal Remix by Gregg Breinberg)

PS22 Chorus "We're Brothers Forever" a capella version

We're Brothers Forever remix RINGTONE

And last, but not last, here is the AMAZING video also created by Barry for his amazing EPIC mix, featuring Renaldo and the Chorus.....


The Life of Mel said...

Pardon me while I gush.
Behold the power of the internet.
Where some of the most random people can come together and create something even larger than any one person could ever imagine.
Now I have to download that remix to my Ipod. I LOVE it! LOVE IT!!!
And the chorus added to that just completes it--hearing all the voices together really drives home the message even more.
Again, I'm astounded that these collaborations keep coming, and I am so excited for you all! What started as perhaps a goofy internet phenomenon that could have been made fun of has turned into the message it was intended to be!
OK I'm done being all emotional!

Mr. B said...

Thanks Mel! You're comments are always so thoughtful, and, as usual, highly appreciated....


Anonymous said...

mr.b icant belive its us!!!!!

Mr. B said...

i believe it! because you guys sound INCREDIBLE!! :)

Anonymous said...



Mr. B said...

incredible indeed! :) congrats!

Anonymous said...

love it its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

Anonymous said...

hey spitterb when are we auditioning for american idol?


Mr. B said...

hi mymouna! we'll be starting our american idol contest very soon. but listen.... you have to do me 1 little favor! when you post a comment, press the "Publish Your Comment" button only ONCE!!! or else i have to go through about 48 e-mails which is not the way i enjoy spending my vacation!! thanks sweetiepie!!

spitter b

Anonymous said...

hey mr.B love the website.

Anonymous said...



Mr. B said...

yeah, you guys are pretty amazing! :)