Thursday, May 31, 2007

PS22 Chorus on The VH1 Website & The Blog Has A Major 'Traffic Jam' In May!

Thanks to "Life Of Mel" for alerting me about this! Here's a screenshot of our plug on VH1's website! Congrats yet again to the chorus posse!

Click to enlarge.

The major media coverage (including VH1, USA Today, The New York Daily News, Nylon Magazine, Blog of the Day on Blogger, Perez Hilton's site, Pink Is The New Blog, and on all the Tori Amos forums) the chorus received in May surrounding the Tori Amos/PS22 Chorus experience has boosted the number of visitors and pages viewed on the site ASTRONOMICALLY! Chorus, here's a chart so you can see just how much of an impact you have made all over the world since we started the website in September.

Click to enlarge.

All together you've had 23,520 visitors to the site, and 41,739 pages viewed! And most unbelievably, there have been 400,000 viewings of PS22 Chorus videos on the internet!! Chorus, you're amazing and people all over the world are taking notice. Below is a chart representing the percentages of countries our website visitors are from. See kids?! Math CAN be fun!!

Mind-boggling!!! 'Nuff said!


ztoadwiz said...

The great thing is that these children talents stay strong and have such a good time. The voice and charm as they sing deliver Breinsong after song. looking forward to seeing you sing again. PS do you take requests? I still like cold as ice? by foreigner The best JMHorn and husband

Mr. B said...

foreigner! i love it! haven't thought of them in probably over 15 years!! i'm not sure if i know that one. i probably would if i heard it. ha! i'll see what i can do! thanks for such a nice message!!!


Carol said...

oh my god you guys made it onto vh1 how cool is that i think i might start crying hehe lol congrats!!!!!!!!

PV said...

27,025!! :)

Big Dog said...

You are doing great job with these kids. Just great!

stefm007 said...

I'm proud that my country, Poland, is on this list.