Saturday, October 28, 2006

PS22 Chorus will be performing at the Rainbow Room on October 30th!

Here's a sneak preview of a performance we are VERY excited about. The kids will be performing for such talents as Academy Award-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden & the cast of the Tony Award-winning musical, "The Jersey Boys". For more info about the event go to:

YMCA of Greater New York

This was recorded today at rehearsal....

"Happy Workers" (performed originally by Tori Amos)


An excerpt of an original song by Justin Rolon & Mr. B. Justin wrote the lyrics and melody to the part he is singing on and, of course, continues to astonish all ears.... And the chorus & Mariah (who performs here with such feeling & confidence) sing the parts that I wrote so much more beautifully than I ever could!! Wait 'til you hear the full version!! This may end up being another all-time favorite. (Though I think I've probably said that a lot throughout my career....)



Suleika said...

Wow I just watched "Happy Workers" and it was so fabulous! It's wonderful to see you guys all smiling and enjoying yourselves. Isn't that a fun song?! It's one of my favorites. Love, Lisette (Suleika is a screen name)

Anonymous said...

oh my god! bravo, bravo! it gave me shivers from head 2 toe. i have to say, u guys are phenomenal!!!!! glad 2 see u r enjoying your #1 fan!

Anonymous said...

The kids sound great, wonderful job with the children. Keep up with the insparation to continue singing and teaching.

Anonymous said...

Justin, you sound like an angel! I love you Baby!
Love Mommy

valles said...

Justin you are absolutley fabulous. Love 'ya, kid! You have a bright future ahead of you. You will get far. Just believe in yourself. Eva Lopez from Puerto Rico