Wednesday, October 18, 2006

PS22 Chorus of 2006 at Radio City Music Hall singing Aretha Franklin's Respect! Another chorus classic!

Amanda really made this song her own, and helped the PS22 Chorus steal the show at Radio City in 2006!


Anonymous said...

I want to give a High-five to Amanda...

Such a voice for a girl so young.
I'm speechless and I have the chills.

Good work all of you

Mandy 101 said...

Than you for that compliment, and that gave me a smile when I read that comment. Who ever gave that comment God bless your soul.

with all my heart,
amanda D. aka Arwtha Franklin

Mr. B said...

A well-deserved compliment, Amanda!! You really did amazing justice to an incredibly difficult song! I hope one day Aretha hears it! I'm sure she'd be proud!!

Mr. B