Friday, September 28, 2012

2 For 2 For 22 of '13!

Although the title of this post may sound like a sophisticated math equation our fifth graders may have to tackle when they're not singing their hearts out in the auditorium, it actually refers to the amazing accomplishments of our brand new PS22 Chorus of 2013!  In the ridiculously small amount of rehearsal time so far, the new batch of chorus members has put out two high quality performances, and today both of those performances received accolades from their respective songwriters via Twitter!   Today David Guetta tweeted how "really moved" he was by the kids' cover of "Titanium," and earlier today, Greg Holden (one of the co-writers of American Idol winner Phillip Phillips hit "Home") tweeted that after discovering PS22's cover of the song, he has been "crying his eyes out" watching PS22 Chorus videos!!    AND the "Home" performance was also featured on Phillip Phillips's official Facebook page!  Check out both amazing tweets and the Facebook post below!

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Anonymous said...

im happy for this year =) delaney