Thursday, August 02, 2012's 10 Most Inspiring Teachers

The popular site just published a feature naming its "10 Most Inspiring Teachers," which included a very humbled Mr. B! What an amazing honor, especially considering the names and accomplishments of the other honorees! Thanks to, writer Angela Guzman, and of course the PS22 Chorus kids for their talent, enthusiasm, and commitment that transforms "the job" into a pleasure!

You can also check out this incredibly flattering write-up by Ms. Guzman that appeared early this week on's website!  

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Andre said...

As I wrote on Twitter earlier, I'm not the only one who notices that you are teaching so much more than music. For example Michael's integration in the chorus, your "keep making me proud" in the Butterfly video and, something that becomes obvoius when you compare videos from the beginning of the school year with videos from later that year: How the kids gained confidence in themselves as they learned to trust their abilities.

So yes, you, Mr. B., belong in that list right there.