Friday, November 04, 2011

PS22 Chorus Sings What You Know!

The new 2012 crew outdid themselves in this very different take on the amazing song by Two Door Cinema Club, "What You Know." I was determined to wait until Monday to post this, but the chorus sounds its absolute best so far this year, and my pride in their performance outweighs my determination. Congrats to Sharon for her beautiful melancholy delivery of the solo, Daniel-san for his amazing drumming(!!), and to the entire chorus for successfully taking the original song (which is an alternative pop masterpiece) to a whole new place!

UPDATE (11-8-11): Two Door Cinema Club has posted the PS22 Chorus version of "What You Know" to their Twitter & Facebook pages! Check it out below! Big thanks to the band for acknowledging the kids' "amazing cover!"


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your lack of determination here....... thanks! This is wonderful.

Zen said...

Yes!!! Congratulations, my friends.
That was incredible! I don't know what I love most about it: Your energetic singing or your emotional body-language. Fortunately I won't have to choose. ;-)

Zendrig - 5z 001

Mr. B said...

ROTFL with your sign off, Zen! :D

Anonymous said...

wow sharon did a great job on her voice also daniel is like marquise in the drums wow 2012 chorus rocks

Anonymous said...

We are so good!!! The whole chorus did a perfect job!!! And Sharon helped us...Thx Sharon!!! :)

5A-127 Angel

Anonymous said...

I love this video and most of all one of my best friends .

Zyasia 5a-127

Anonymous said...

this video was great. sharon you ROCK!!

kaitlynn f. 5a-126

Anonymous said...

Hey Angel dont forget Mr.B he
helped us too you know.

Chantal 5A-127