Monday, April 28, 2008


The fun just never seems to stop..... You may remember a couple of months ago I posted about receiving a message from Neil Finn, lead singer of the amazing New Zealand band, Crowded House, after we covered their incredible song, "Private Universe." Well Neil contacted me again a few weeks ago, and was kind enough to make us an astounding offer.

So let's just say, an amazing, amazing thing will be taking place this Wednesday, April 30th!! And now that it's official, I'm beyond proud to announce that the PS22 Chorus will be opening for Crowded House at the Fillmore NY at Irving Plaza in Manhattan!!!! In addition to the chorus performing a few numbers right before the band takes the stage, there is also going to be an amazing surprise later on in the show that the kids will be a part of! AND THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING!! Tickets might still be available if you're lucky!!

Congrats to the chorus on your non-stop rollercoaster ride of a year!!

And here is the song, "Don't Dream It's Over", by Crowded House. This song was their biggest radio hit landing at #2 on the Top 40 Billboard Charts!


The Life of Mel said...

Congrats to the million views AND this fantastic news!!!
Knock 'em out!

Shannon said...

I'm so proud of y'all! I found your site via Perez and now I'm hooked. During the day when I need to smile all I have to do is come to your site. Thank you for making an otherwise mundane work day enjoyable. I hope we'll get to see a video of the performance?
Fort Worth, TX

Mr. B said...

Thanks L.O.M. and Shannon for supporting us, and I too am hoping for lots of good footage to post in the next few days!


Anonymous said...

hey mr.b i loved that song and can u send me a copy of our song



Mr. B said...

i can only send it if you e-mail me. Don't post your address on a comment though. Just click on my picture on the sidebar and then click, "e-mail me", and i'll send it on.


skyescrapz said...

i saw you guys open for crowded house last night. wow and wow! i had chills the whole time. i think the band had as much fun playing with them as the kids seemed to have performing with the band. it was joyous to behold! thanks for a wonderful music experience!

Mr. B said...

and thank YOU for making my students feel like they were the stars of the show last night! it was probably the most amazing thing that's ever happened to the chorus. and you'll be pleased to know as a fan of CH, that Neil & co. are absolutely the coolest people on the planet! I really appreciate the message.


Rorympb said...

Just wanted to say how great the chorus was Wed night with the Crowdies! I have some photos I took from the front that I can email to you. Rory

Mr. B said...

Could you please? That would be great!! :) My e-mail address is


Rorympb said...

The pics are on their way!!!
Rory :-)

Mr. B said...

awesome! :) thanks rory!

kaila said...

hey mr.B. I miss you so much.It is Kaila.I am sorry for crying on the last day.It felt like somebody ripped my heart out .It was the most saddest thing that happened to me since the first day i ever went to that school.

Mr. B said...

aww kaila,

as i told some of the others, we ALL shared some tears, but now we gotta celebrate the accomplishments! you guys deserve that, and should enjoy the summer! be proud.