Sunday, October 21, 2007

PS22 Has Its Public Debut....And Again.....And Again.....

The PS22 Chorus hits the road!

Let's just start by saying that it was a very busy week for the chorus! The kids gave their public debut on Tuesday at the Staaten for the Reading Volunteers Ceremony sponsored by The Staten Island Mental Health Society. Needless to say, they were an instant success! And I'm proud to report that the audience was moved to tears and thunderous applause!

The PS22 Chorus give their debut performance at the Staaten on Tuesday!

Then on Thursday, the chorus sang at The Tribute WTC Museum, where excerpts from PS22's award-winning musical docu-drama are being featured in its new children's exhibit. It was wonderful to see so many parents and family members come by to the museum and experience the heart and soul that Lee, Jennifer, Meri, Caroline, Wendy, Tondi, and the rest of Tribute put into their work, truly a labor of love. The kids were deeply moved by the visit, and it made them appreciate the depth of those we named heroes that came out of the September 11th tragedy. It was such a moving experience, and the chorus must have been inspired to have vocalized so beautifully. It was an unforgettable event. I will be posting more footage (including video) of the museum performance shortly.

The Chorus with Tribute Museum curator Lee Ielpe.

And to round off a busy week, the chorus marched today in the Staten Island African American, Caribbean American Heritage Parade. The parade ended at Richmond County Stadium, where a celebration took place that welcomed the president of Liberia, and even L'il Mama with her huge hit, Lip Gloss. The chorus was proud to participate and had a fun time marching along the water, and singing all the way! The way-too-cool Mrs. Franks was there with previous chorus member Jahnelle to lead the way. Other former PS22 Chorus alumni came to march with us like Amanda and Kestina, and that was a real treat!

The chorus on stage at Tappen Park!

Marching down Bay Street!

PS22 Chorus with some of our post-grads!


TWINNIES said...

Dear Mr.B,
Great job with the chorus!!!!!!!!!


Mr. B said...

thanks twinnies! i miss you guys too!!! SO MUCH!!! are you in chorus this year? want to hear all about intermediate school when you get a chance!


Anonymous said...

th e ps22 chorus of 07-08 sounds great! i miss all the members in last years chorus so much!gotta go.

Mr. B said...

hi ziha!! i miss the gang from last year too! but i'm so happy that i've been seeing you around 22 the past week! you sounded so beautiful when you sang your song the other day. i'm going to look for your american idol performance to post! you rocked that show!


ToKioHoTeLLuVeRX0X0 said...

hi Mr. B. i really miss the chorus... i heard you guys song for the opening dhow of Crowded House! Lucky!!! hope you had alot of fun. I know you have my sister Kayla in the chorus and my cousin Angela Mendez... and im pretty sure Laura mendezzz... huh... i guess talent runs in the family ..! well im doing very good... and im studing to become an actress... ive done some plays in my school... hopefully you will see my name on the walk of fame!!!

x0x0 kestina gillis! ;-)

Mr. B said...

o wow! hi kestina!! i'm so happy to hear from you! and yes i have had pretty much your entire clan in the chorus at some point or another! a talented family you have! great to hear that you're going for acting! i have no doubt that to what ever you put your mind to, you will achieve success! you're that kind of person! best wishes and stay in touch!!


Anonymous said...

thanx for comment Mr.B.... oh yea i forgot... Amanda DelaCruz says hi... she says she misses u very muc... so does Alexa Orengo..... Well i hope u keep in touch as well.! :)

Mr. B said...

thanks kestina! tell them how much i miss them too! so great to be hearing from you! :)